Till Dinner Program


A program to take you through till… yep, dinner!

3 juices, 2 hemp protein shakes and a Dinner Meal Plan designed by nutritionist Kirsty Jenkins of Pure Health Nutrition. This program is great for those of us who do a lot of movement (gym junkies, cyclists and parents of toddlers, we’re looking at you) or anyone who wants a reset but doesn’t want to go without food altogether.

This is not a fast. It is not a juice cleanse. It is a reset to support liver detoxification pathways and to keep you fuelled as you do your thang throughout the day. This program provides the protein that’s needed to support liver detoxification and is very low in sugar. Your program comes with an easy guide to 5 clean dinners that will have your taste buds and your insides singing!

“The Till Dinner Program is suited to people experiencing fatigue, afternoon energy crashes, sugar cravings, bloating, skin breakouts, irritability, low vitality or premenstrual syndrome.”Kirsty Jenkins, Pure Health Nutrition.

5 drinks + 1 nutritionist designed meal plan per day. For best results, consume in this order:
Activate, COMPLETE, Green C+, COMPLETE, Green C+, Dinner

Drink water, sip slowly, smile and enjoy.

Note: 5 day programs are delivered across two deliveries to ensure you get the freshest juice! First drop is days 1-3, second drop on the third afternoon will contain days 4-5. For more information on cleanses and delivery, head to our FAQs.


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