Level 3 Cleanse

$65.00$300.00 available on subscription

Level Three, for experienced cleansers. Lean and green, this cleanse is full in flavour, low in sugars. An alkalising program aimed to get your blood pH above neutral (7.3). The ultimate reset for body and mind.

8 cold-pressed juices per day. For best results, drink in this order:
Activate, Green A+, Green C+, Green A+, Grounding, Awaken, Green Plus, Green C+

Drink water, sip slowly, smile and enjoy.

Note: 5 day cleanses are delivered across two deliveries to ensure you get the freshest juice! First drop is days 1-3, second drop on the third afternoon will contain days 4-5. For more information on cleanses and delivery, head to our FAQs.


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