Refresh Juice Cleanse

The best cold pressed juice cleanse in Perth! Choose from 3 levels ranging from fruity to more veg-based. 8 juices per day, ranging from 1-5 days depending on how game you are!

Sip slowly, smile, enjoy.

Level 1 Cleanse

Drinking too much coffee? In a food rut or skipping meals? Break bad habits with this intro level cleanse.

$65.00$300.00 available on subscription

Level 2 Cleanse

Featuring many of nature’s best detoxifiers. Reset your taste buds to crave more of what’s good for you!

$65.00$300.00 available on subscription

Level 3 Cleanse

For experienced cleansers. Lean and green, this cleanse is full in flavour, low in sugars.

$65.00$300.00 available on subscription

Level Up Cleanse

Keen for a challenge but want to ease into it? Work your way through Levels 1, 2 and 3 in this three-day cleanse.

$180.00 available on subscription

Immunity Program

Immunity program features juice + broth to boost immunity, heal your gut, fight fatigue, and re-energise. Plant-based and gluten free…