A rather juicy tale

No princesses, no frogs, just a charming chef

About Liam

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and even though I was only there for a few years I feel like it had such a big impact on me.

The deep south culture won’t ever leave me, it’s highly infectious and every time I have been back to visit I still find it exciting. From the USA we briefly moved to Oz and started school. Then another exciting move happened – to Jakarta, Indonesia.

This was an incredible eye opener. I went to an international school, met new kids from all over the world, and ate every cuisine under the sun.

My mother is a brilliant cook (obviously), but in Indonesia we had two live in maids who whipped up delicious traditional meals for us daily. I think it was this that really solidified my love for cooking. I will never forget every time we went out for dinner I would sneak off only to be found in the kitchen, on an upturned pot being fed by the chefs.

After four years in Indonesia we moved back to Western Australia, and I started training as a chef. I was lucky enough to do an apprenticeship part time throughout high school so I was already learning practical skills in the kitchen while I was young.

It was a real blessing looking back because, like a lot of youngsters, I wasn’t much interested in the academic side of school and I think the training that was available to me really kept me busy and out of a lot of trouble!

Why should I cleanse?

You clean your house, you clean your clothes, you even clean your teeth but when was the last time you cleaned your gut?

​While no, you can’t literally clean out your digestive system, you can give it a much needed break. A lot of the time we consume food, when we don’t really need it. We snack, when we don’t really need it. And we’re all guilty of one too many coffees or glasses of wine…

​A juice cleanse forces you to remove processed foods, sugars, caffeine as well as animal products from your diet. And unlike a normal fasting diet, it reintroduces high levels of nutrients into your body at the same time.

​Our cleanses are designed to give your body a nutrient hit, that assists with your body’s natural detoxification process. Our juices are cold pressed, and each blend is carefully crafted to unlock the food’s health benefits.

​So, go on, give your body a taste of what it really wants…